Young Students Pen, Paint, Draw Democracy

ISLAMABAD, March 29, 2017: Young students, representatives of youth organizations, scholars, media persons and civil society activists gathered here Wednesday to honour 10 young girls and boys from across the country who won art and writing competitions on culture of democracy, tolerance and inclusion. Trust for Democratic Education and Accountability – Free and Fair Election…


Dutch Ambassador Inaugurates Women’s Action for Better Workplaces Project

ISLAMABAD, March 27, 2017: Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Pakistan H.E. Jeannette Seppen on Monday inaugurated a unique Women’s Action for Better Workplaces Project that seeks to improve the working conditions of women in public and private sectors as well as advocate for gender sensitive labour laws in the country. Funded by…


FAFEN Survey on Perception of Corruption in Government Institutions

As many as 64 percent of Pakistanis are of the view that certain level of corruption prevails in government departments. These views were expressed in a survey conducted by the Free and Fair Election Network in February 2016. The FAFEN survey interviewed 6,030 randomly selected people at 603 locations stratified in all National and Provincial…


Forced Marriages Register Increase

A report based on data collected from offices of 88 district police officers across Pakistan in May 2013

ISLAMABAD, 31st October 2013: Forced marriages registered a high increase from 324 cases in February to 403 in May 2013- an increase of 24%. Faisalabad with 43 cases was the highest


Rise in Infant Mortalities

A report based on disease cases registered in 77 offices of District Health Officers (DHOs) in April 2013

ISLAMABAD, 25th September 2013: Infant mortalities registered a 17% increase as the number of cases went up from 1,834 in March to 2,139 in April 2013. Such cases were more widespread


Low Oversight of Dispensaries

A report based on monitoring of 139 dispensaries in 89 districts across Pakistan in June 2013

ISLAMABAD, 18th September 2013: Ninety seven dispensaries out of the monitored 139 did not receive any oversight visit by either a government official or elected representative during March-May 2013 quarter. Informed and regular


84% hike in tomato prices

A report based on prices collected from 188 retail outlets in 105 districts across Pakistan in July 2013

ISLAMABAD, 2ND September 2013: Price of tomatoes increased by 84% in July as compared to June 2013. Heavy rainfall and flood in various parts of the country


Honour Killings Register Increase

A report based on monitoring of 95 DPO offices across Pakistan

ISLAMABAD, 24th August 2013: Fourteen more FIRs of honour killings were filed in February than the month before. Thirty one such cases were registered in 18 districts in January while the number went up to 45 in 19


Specialized staff for disease control programs lacking in RHCs

A report based on monitoring of 126 Rural Health Centers (RHCs) in 81 districts in March 2013.

ISLAMABAD, 11th August 2013: Seventeen percent of the monitored RHCs did not have staff to run Malaria Control Program in the community. The lack is observed despite a surge in malaria cases


Cases of measles increase manifold

A report based on monitoring of District Health Offices (DHOs) across Pakistan over the quarter (December 2012 – February 2013).

ISLAMABAD, 1st August 2013: Cases of measles increased five times as they went up from 71 in December to 391 in January 2013. One hundred and forty four new