Basic equipment lacking in dispensaries

A report based on the monitoring of 136 dispensaries in 81 districts during January2013

ISLAMABAD, 3rd May 2013: Around three-fifths of the monitored 136 dispensaries lacked sterilizers and one-third were operating without syringe cutters says a Free and Fair Election (FAFEN) report  released on Friday.

Lack of basic equipment at


Theft cases increase by 26%

A report based on FIRs lodged in 98 DPO offices in as many districts in December 2012

Islamabad 8th April, 2013: Theft cases registered an increase of 26% with 3,103 cases filed in 75 districts during December compared to 2,467 in 71 districts the month


Prices of wheat, onions, spices and cooked food items go up

A report based on prices collected from 200 retail outlets in 116 districts in February 2013

Islamabad, 1 April, 2013: Wheat, onions, spices and cooked food items were among the 21 commodities and services that registered an increase in price during February as compared to


Increase in Offences Related to Marriage

A report based on registered FIRs in November 2012

Islamabad, 15 March 2013: A significant increase of 49% in offences related to marriage was observed as 241 cases were reported in 15 districts in November compared to 86 cases in eight districts the month before, says a

DHQs Lack Specialized Medical Services

DHQs Lack Specialized Medical Services

ISLAMABAD, 2 March 2013: At least 45% District Headquarter Hospitals (DHQs) did not have cardiology, chest specialist, orthopedic and psychiatry departments, says a Free and Fair Election (FAFEN) report. A report based on monitoring of 65 District Head Quarters Hospitals across Pakistan in December 2012.

80% rise in cases of measles

80% Rise in Cases of Measles

A significant increase of 80% was recorded in cases of measles in November – 247 cases reported in 17 districts as compared to 137 in 16 districts in the preceding month. Measles is considered highly contagious and chances of infection increase in late winter and spring.


Price of tomatoes, wheat and poultry products increase

A report based on the prices collected from 195 retail outlets in 111 districts in January

ISLAMABAD, February 15, 2013: Prices of 26 commodities including tomatoes, wheat, poultry and some fruits increased in January as compared to December 2012. Seventeen commodities experienced price cuts while


Low government oversight in girls primary schools

A report based on monitoring of 170 government girls’ primary schools in 95 districts across Pakistan in December 2012

ISLAMABAD, 22nd January 2013: One hundred and five of the monitored 170 government girls’ primary schools received no oversight visit by any government/elected official during September-November 2012 quarter says a


14% rise in overall disease burden

A report based on disease incidence registered in October 2012

ISLAMABAD, 18th January 2013: The disease burden saw 14% increase to 31,536 cases per district during October from September’s 27,587 cases. Ninety two districts reported 2,901,262 disease incidence in the observed month compared with previous month’s 2,400,052 in 87