Increase in Offences Related to Marriage

A report based on registered FIRs in November 2012

Islamabad, 15 March 2013: A significant increase of 49% in offences related to marriage was observed as 241 cases were reported in 15 districts in November compared to 86 cases in eight districts the month before, says a


Senate: Session’s Last Sitting Marked by Low Attendance

ISLAMABAD, March 14, 2013: The 17th and the last sitting of the 91st session of Senate, which met for two hours and five minutes on Thursday, was marked by low attendance and lack of quorum. The House passed the Anti-terrorism (Second Amendment) Bill 2013. Only five senators were present at the outset, 12 at the…


Political Parties Gear Up for Polls

ISLAMABAD, March 14, 2013: The District Long-Term Observers (DLTOs) of the Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN) have identified at least 38 districts in February 2013 with political developments related to General Election 2013, including districts where election campaigns started before the announcement of the election schedule, says a press


Sindh Assembly: Four Bills Passed

ISLAMABAD, March 14, 2013: The Sindh Assembly unanimously passed four bills in the 20th sitting of the 40th session, which lasted three hours and 40 minutes before it was adjourned due to lack of quorum. The sitting was started two hours and 10 minutes late.


Security Plans for Campaign Period Lacking in Half of Districts

ISLAMABAD, March 13, 2013: The Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN)’s District Long-Term Observers (DLTOs) conducted interviews of 69 District Police Officers (DPOs) regarding pre-election security plans. More than one-half of the DPOs (36 out of 69, or 52%) said they had not developed any security plans, says a press


National Assembly: Two Bills Passed

ISLAMABAD, March 13, 2013: The National Assembly passed the Anti-terrorism (Second Amendment) Bill 2013 unanimously and the Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University (PIMS) Islamabad (Amendment) Bill 2013 with the majority vote in the 18th sitting of the ongoing 50th session on Wednesday. The latter was tabled as supplementary agenda.




Uper House Passes Two Bills

ISLAMABAD, March 13, 2013: The Senate, which met for an hour and 32 minutes in the 16th sitting of the 91st session, passed the National Counter Terrorism Authority Bill 2013 and the Election Laws (Amendment) Bill 2013. Both are already passed by the National Assembly.


Three Private Members’ Bills Passed by National Assembly

ISLAMABAD, March 12, 2013: The National Assembly unanimously passed three Private Members’ bills in the 17th sitting of the ongoing 50th session. The House also unanimously adopted a resolution condemning the corporal punishment for children.


Five other bills were introduced and referred to