Extortion cases proliferate

A report based on October’s crime statistics collected from 91 DPO offices

ISLAMABAD, 10th January 2013: Extortion cases sharply increased 16 times during October with 427 FIRs registered in eight districts as compared to the preceding month


Prices of 27 commodities up; 13 drop

A report based on prices collected from 200 retail outlets in 118 districts in December

ISLAMABAD, 9th January 2013: Prices of 27 commodities, including all fruit, poultry, kitchen fuel, medicines and medical services increased by up to 10% in December as compared with November while


14 bills passed

ISLAMABAD, Jan 8, 2012: The 43rd session of the Punjab Assembly witnessed passage of 14 treasury-backed bills with three of them seeking to establish universities for women, says a preliminary report by Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN) on Tuesday. The session’s 14 sittings from 13 December 2012 to 7 January 2013 also witnessed delays…


KP Assembly: One Bill Passed; Six Introduced

ISLAMABAD, January 08, 2013: Starting an hour and 11 minutes late, the 10th sitting of the 29th session of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly witnessed the passage of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Elimination of Custom of Ghag Bill 2012. Six more bills were introduced. 


Punjab Assembly: Five Bills Passed Despite Low Attendance

ISLAMABAD, January 07, 2013: Five bills were passed in the last sitting of the 43rd session of Punjab Assembly, which met for three hours and 45 minutes on Monday. Only 38 members were present at the start and 70 at the time of adjournment of the 14th sitting. The Defence Housing Authority Rawalpindi Bill 2013,…


89 killed, 94 injured in political violence

Islamabad, January 7, 2013: Political violence between December 29, 2012 and January 4, 2013 affected 190 people in 25 incidents across the country which left 89 people dead, 94 injured with seven being kidnapped. The militant death toll was 2% compared with 44% recorded


Senate: Sitting Marked by Low Attendance; Walkouts

ISLAMABAD, January 04, 2013: Starting 37 minutes late, the second sitting of the 89th session of Senate was marked by low attendance. Only five senators were present at the start and 36 at the time of adjournment. A maximum of 49 senators were


Punjab Assembly: Low Attendance Persists

ISLAMABAD, January 04, 2013: Starting 52 minutes late, the 13th sitting of the ongoing 43rd session of the Punjab Assembly was marked by low attendance and key-members’ absence.

Only eight members were present at the outset while 12 were there at the time


Punjab Assembly Unanimously Adopted Resolution Calling for Timely Elections

ISLAMABAD, January 03, 2013: Starting two hours and 45 minutes late, the 12 sitting of the ongoing 43rd session of the Punjab Assembly unanimously adopted a resolution calling upon the federal government as well as the elections commission of Pakistan to ensure that the general elections are held on time. Another resolution condemning Imran Khan’s…