KP Assembly Passes Budget

ISLAMABAD, June 20, 2012:  Starting 27 minutes late, the tenth sitting of the ongoing session, which met for six hours, passed the budget on Wednesday. The House approved 50 demands for grants during the sitting.

The long-stretched sitting witnessed low attendance of Members


Low attendance marks last sitting of Balochistan Assembly session

ISLAMABAD, June 20, 2012: Meeting only for 25 minutes on Wednesday, the last sitting of the 32nd session of the Balochistan Assembly witnessed low attendance of Members. Twenty Members (31% of the total Membership of 65) were present at the start of the sitting while 25 (38%) were


Sindh Assembly: Seven MPAs take part in budget debate

ISLAMABAD, June 19, 2012: Starting an hour and 20 minutes behind schedule, the seventh sitting of Sindh Assembly’s 36th session met for three hours and 33 minutes on Tuesday.

Seven MPAs debated the budget for 113 minutes (53% of the sitting time). Four of these legislators belonged


Sitting adjourned on PM’s disqualification verdict

ISLAMABAD, June 19, 2012:  The ninth sitting of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s 26th session witnessed a five-minute protest by legislators shortly after the Prime Minister was disqualified by the Supreme Court. The sitting was adjourned after the protest.  

All MPAs, except those belonging to PMLN, walked out of


Balochistan Assembly: Sitting meets for 40 minutes

ISLAMABAD, June 19, 2012: Meeting only for 40 minutes on Tuesday, the 5th sitting of the 32nd session of the Balochistan Assembly unanimously approved 51 Demands for Grants. Starting 15 minutes behind schedule, the sitting witnessed 28 Members (43% of the total Membership of 65) at the start and 26 (40%) when it was adjourned.…


Debate on budget continues amid lack of Quorum

ISLAMABAD, June 19, 2012: Only ten legislators were present in the House when the Punjab Assembly started debate on budget on Tuesday as the 11th sitting of 38th session witnessed the treasury and opposition benches chanting slogans against each other.

Meeting for three hours and 43 minutes


Finance Minister wraps up budget debate

ISLAMABAD, June 18, 2012: On the last day of general discussion on the budget in the Punjab Assembly, only four legislators (one percent of the total membership) were present in the House at the start of the sitting and 100 when it was adjourned on Monday.


KP Assembly: Two sittings held in a single day

ISLAMABAD, June 18, 2012:  Two sittings – seventh and eighth – of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa were held on Monday after the first was adjourned only after five minutes due to lack of Quorum. Together the two sittings lasted three hours and 49 minutes.