Sindh Assembly Sitting Adjourned Due to Lack of Quorum

ISLAMABAD, February 25, 2013: The Sindh Assembly Deputy Speaker adjourned the sitting till Wednesday due to lack of quorum as only two Members were present.

With the session staring 45 minutes late only two members were observed to be present.

The Deputy Speaker presided over the entre sitting that lasted five minutes


Sindh Assembly: Bill passed to repeal local bodies act

ISLAMABAD, February 21, 2013: Starting two hours and 29 minutes late, the 11th sitting of the Sindh Assembly’s session passed the Sindh (Repeal of the Sindh Peoples Local Government Act 2012 and revival of the Sindh Local Government Ordinance, 1979 Bill 2013.

The MQM legislators, who protested


Sindh Assembly Adopts Five Resolutions

ISLAMABAD, February 12, 2012: The Sindh Assembly, which met for four hours and 27 minutes in the sixth sitting of the 40th session on Tuesday, passed a bill to reconfirm the official spellings of the province’s name as Sindh besides and also adopted five resolutions.


Sindh Assembly Adopts Three Resolutions

ISLAMABAD, February 11, 2012: The Sindh Assembly, which met for four hours and 28 minutes in the 5th sitting of the 40th session on Monday, adopted three resolutions. Celebration of National Women’s Day, equal rights for religious minorities, and holding of in-camera session on law and order situation in Karachi


Sindh Assembly: Treasury Bill Passed By the Assembly

ISLAMABAD, February, 2013: Starting an hour and five minutes late, the fourth sitting of the 40th session of the Sindh Assembly on Friday witnessed the passage of a treasury bill.

Fifteen members (9%) were present at the start while


Sindh Assembly: Two Bills Passed

ISLAMABAD, February 07, 2012: The Sindh Assembly, which met for two hours and 45 minutes in the third sitting of the 40th session, passed the Sindh Civil Servants (Amendment) Bill 2013 and the Sindh High Density Development Board (Amendment) Bill 2011. The Education City Bill 2012 was deferred till February 13.


Sindh Assembly: Regular Agenda Suspended to Offer Condolences for Deceased MPA

ISLAMABAD, February 6, 2013: Starting an hour and 25 minutes behind schedule, the second sitting of the 40th session of Sindh Assembly suspended the regular agenda to offer condolences on the recent death of an MPA (PS-73 Dadu-III). Meeting for an hour and 20 minutes the House witnessed low attendance as only twenty-one Members were present at the outset while 89 were there at the adjournment.