KP Assembly: Adopts Four Resolutions Again

ISLAMABAD, July 2, 2013: Starting an hour and 14 minutes late, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly adopted four resolutions during the 12th sitting of the second session on Tuesday.

Two resolutions were moved by male and female JUIF legislators


Punjab Assembly: Budget Session Marked by Low Attendance

ISLAMABAD, July 2, 2013: A little less than half of the legislators – 45% – took part in the debate on the annual budget in the Punjab Assembly, says Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN) in its preliminary report based on the direct observation of the session. As many as 121 male and 40 female…


KP Assembly Adopts Four Resolutions


ISLAMABAD, July 1, 2013: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly adopted four of the five resolutions introduced during the 11th sitting of the second session as the house witnessed a protest and a walkout on Monday.

The four resolutions adopted by the house were on deportation of Pakistanis from Saudi Arabia, the


Sindh Assembly: 72% MPAs Take Part in Budget Debate

ISLAMABAD, June 30, 2013: More than 70% of the legislators took part in the budget debate in the Sindh Assembly as quorum was maintained throughout the nine sittings of the session, says the Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN) in its preliminary report. The Sindh Assembly’s budget session was prorogued on June 29. A total…


Maternity Care Neglected in BHUs

A report based on monitoring of 152 BHUs in 93 districts across Pakistan in February 2013

ISLAMABAD, 30th June 2013: Basic medical facilities for expecting women were lacking in the monitored health units as out of 152 BHUs, 39% were without maternity beds, 31% did not have labour


Sindh Assembly: Finance Bill Passed

ISLAMABAD, June 29, 2013: Amid the opposition’s protest and walkout, the Sindh Assembly passed the finance bill 2013 during the ninth sitting of its third session which was prorogued on Saturday. The sitting was delayed by an hour and 38 minutes. As the Chief Minister moved the motion for the passage of the finance bill,…


Punjab Assembly: Supplementary Budget 2012-13 Passed

ISLAMABAD, June 29, 2013: The Punjab Assembly’s budget session came to an end during the tenth sitting of its second session with the Passage of its Supplementary Budget 2012-13 amidst walkout by the opposition parties. The house approved 42 supplementary demands for grant. The opposition parties including PPPP, PML, PTI, JIP and an independent MPA…


National Assembly: Last Sitting Witnesses Low Attendance

ISLAMABAD, June 28, 2013: Starting 30 minutes late, the 13th sitting of the National Assembly’s second session witnessed low attendance of the members. A total of 67 members were present at the outset, 105 at the time of adjournment, and a maximum of 156


National Assembly: 47% Members Take Part in Budget Debate

ISLAMABAD, June 28, 2013: Nearly half of the legislators took part in debate during the first budget session of the 14th National Assembly which was prorogued on Friday, says the Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN) in its preliminary report. 

The session spread over 13 sittings from


Sindh Assembly: Budget Debate Winds up; Demands for Grants Approved

ISLAMABAD, June 28, 2013: Winding up general discussion on the annual budget, the Leader of the Opposition and the Chief Minister shared their views for 55 and 86 minutes respectively in the eighth sitting of the Sindh Assembly’s third session. The Opposition moved 1024 Cut Motions of which seven were withdrawn while the rest were…