Candidates continue to defy Code

ISLAMABAD, April 26, 2013: The Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN)’s Constituency Long-Term Observers have found out that the political parties’ candidates are continuing to defy the Code of Conduct notified by the Election Commission of Pakistan, as they gathered reports from 152 constituencies across the country between April 11


512 Code of Conduct Violations in 10 Days

ISLAMABAD, April 20, 2013: As many as 16 political parties and independent candidates have committed violations of the Election Code of Conduct in 77 observed National Assembly constituencies across the country between April 1 and 10, 2013, says Pre-Election Update 33 released on Saturday.

Violations committed by political parties and independent


Senate: Resolution Adopted Against Former President

ISLAMABAD, April 19, 2013: The Senate’s fourth sitting of the 92nd session, which met for an hour and 15 minutes, unanimously adopted a resolution demanding to try former President Gen. (R) Pervez Musharraf under article 6 of the constitution for abrogating the constitution.


92nd Session of Senate: 60% of Agenda Left Unaddressed

ISLAMABAD, April 19, 2013:  The 92nd session of Senate was marked by low interest of Senators, persistent lack of quorum and points of order interrupting regular proceedings as the upper house left 60% of the agenda unaddressed, says Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN) in its preliminary report


Senate: Sitting Marked by Low Attendance

ISLAMABAD, April 18, 2013: Starting 35 minutes late, the third sitting of the 92nd session of Senate witnessed low attendance of the senators. Only four senators were present at the outset while 13 were observed at the time of adjournment.

The house discussed the excessive load shedding of electricity as the


State Security Necessary for Level Election Playing Field

ISLAMABAD, 17 April 2013: Regional and party-wise analysis of violence monitoring data by Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN) confirms claims by several political parties that their ability to campaign freely is being undermined and that direct intervention by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) and state security forces is necessary to ensure a level…


Sitting Marked by Low Interest, Ministerial Absence

  • Points of Order Consume 70% of Sitting Time

ISLAMABAD, April 16, 2013: Starting 41 minutes late, the second sitting of the ongoing 92nd session of Senate was marked by low attendance of Senators, ministerial absence and Points of Order interrupting the regular proceedings


135 militants, seven civilians killed in second week of April

ISLAMABAD, April 16, 2013: Twenty incidents of political violence left 170 people dead and 42 injured between April 6 and 12, 2013, compared with the preceding week when 53 got killed and 65 were injured in 26 incidents, says the Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN).


Citizens can register election complaints on FAFEN web portal

ISLAMABAD, April 16, 2013: Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN) has provided the citizens of Pakistan an opportunity to register election-related complaints on FAFEN web portal,, in order to induce responsive action. FAFEN believes citizens have the right and the responsibility to monitor the performance of government officials and