Public Petition for Transparent Electoral Reforms Process

FAFEN’s campaign for opening up Parliamentary Committee on Electoral Reforms for media and public is aimed at ensuring the process of reforms is transparent, meaningful, realistic and reflective of popular aspirations. Unless diverse social and political groups share at least a minimum common reforms agenda, any future changes in the laws will be subject to public questioning and censure.
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Public Release of Election Result Forms and Polling Schemes

FAFEN’s campaign for public release of election results forms and polling schemes is aimed at pressing the Election Commission of Pakistan to immediately post on its website critical documents related to the General Elections 2013 as they contain information of public importance and it is in line with the ECP’s public commitment and to meet the legal standards for electoral transparency.

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Public Petition for Quality Local Government Election

FAFEN’s campaign for quality local government elections is meant to demand the federal government ensure citizens’ constitutionally guaranteed rights and entitlements as voters and candidates in the establishment of local government systems in all federating units. It seeks the enactment of the federal framework legislation with an objective of providing minimum standards and guidelines to the provinces.

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