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771MIAN ASIM HASSAN SHANGLAPakistanJun 07, 2016
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768ali rizwan sheikhupuraPakistanMay 10, 2016

Public Petition for Transparent Electoral Reforms Process

Honorable Speaker of the National Assembly
Parliament House

Respected Speaker,

We, the citizens of Pakistan, strongly demand opening up of the proceedings of the Parliamentary Committee on Electoral Reforms as well as of its Sub-Committee to ensure that the process of reforms is transparent, meaningful, realistic and reflective of popular aspirations.

The formation of the committee by your good office on the request of the Prime Minister in July 2014 was a step in the right direction but the way it is conducting its business is neither drawing public confidence nor ownership.

We believe elections act as the lynchpin in a democracy and any changes to the electoral system require public discourse and debate for a broader public ownership. Unless diverse social and political groups share at least a minimum common reforms agenda, any future changes in the laws will be subject to public questioning and censure, having implications on the legitimacy of elections as well as its results.

Equally important is an intense engagement of provinces and its assemblies in any reforms process in line with the spirit of the 18th Constitutional Amendment. Consultations with provinces will not only improve public confidence in the reforms process but also enhance their ownership among people and the federating units.

We, therefore, demand that:

1. Meetings of Parliamentary Committee on Electoral Reforms and its Sub-Committee are open to media and public;
2. Parliamentary Committee on Electoral Reforms upload all reforms proposals received from public, political parties, Election Commission of Pakistan, civil society organizations, media groups, bar associations and other relevant stakeholders on parliamentary websites;
3. Parliamentary Committee on Electoral Reforms hold public consultations across the country to understand the popular perceptions about elections and solicit proposals from public;
4. Parliamentary Committee on Electoral Reforms engage media in generating public discourse on electoral reforms.

Chairman, the Senate
Deputy Chairman, the Senate
Deputy Speaker, the National Assembly
Chairperson, Parliamentary Committee on Electoral Reforms
Chairperson, Parliamentary Sub-Committee on Electoral Reforms
All Members, Parliamentary Committee on Electoral Reforms

797 signatures

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