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Local Government Election Petition

Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Prime Minister Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Honorable Prime Minister,

We, the citizens of Pakistan, strongly demand that the federal government ensure our constitutionally guaranteed rights and entitlements as voters and candidates in the establishment of Local Government Systems in all Federating Units.
We request Your Excellency to consider the enactment of "Federal Framework Legislation for the Conduct of Local Government Election" with an objective of providing minimum standards and guidelines to the provinces. We believe this will ensure uniformity in provincial legislations on basic electoral rights and processes including qualification of voters; eligibility of candidates; periodicity of elections; voting and counting processes; minimum quota for reserved seats for women, minorities, peasants and workers; criteria for reservation of seats, eligibility for reserved seats candidates, responsibility of preparation of voters rolls, basic principles for delimitation, election complaints handling and election dispute mechanisms.
The framework legislation under Article 140-A(2) is necessary as the existing legal and administrative frameworks enacted by the provinces for the conduct of local government elections are inadequate to meet internationally-accepted and constitutionally-endorsed standards of electoral freedom, uniformity, fairness, neutrality and transparency. Such legislation can also define the role of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to conduct consistent, free, fair and transparent local government elections under the laws provided by the provincial assemblies.
While local government is a provincial subject, electoral rights of citizens and candidates are not subject to varying interpretations by the provinces. The Constitution mandates the ECP as the custodian of the electoral rights of citizens and candidates under federal legislation as prescribed in Article 222 of the Constitution that explicitly states that the ECP functions under the laws framed by the national parliament (Majlis-i-Shoora).
We believe that the federal government will consider this proposal and enact a legislation to enable a local government election system that inspires public confidence in local government elections and is critical to strengthening democracy in Pakistan.

1,088 signatures

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