A report based on prices collected at retail outlets to 136 town of 87 districts in Pakistan

During June 2010, FAFEN Governance Monitors collected prices of 69 commodities and services at retail outlets in 136 National Assembly constituencies in 87 districts in the four provinces, Federally Administrated Tribal Areas (FATA) and Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT).

The prices of some frequently used vegetables (potato and garlic), pulses (moong and mash), basmati rice and few condiments (coriander, powdered salt, turmeric and red chilies) registered a significant increase in June 2010 as compared to their prices in May 2010. The prices of potato and turmeric that registered a high increase in May continued to rise nationally in June 2010, further increasing by 13% and 30%, respectively.

Other Important food items registering increase in prices nationally in June include moong pulse (13%), basmati rice (4%), salt powder (9%), garlic (6%), mash pulse (8%), red chili powder (14%), coriander (7%), green tea (23%), mustard oil (7%), desi ghee (3%) and fresh milk, vegetable ghee and oil (1% each). Among fast moving consumer goods (FMCGs), toothpaste prices increased by 8% at the national level. Price of over-the-counter medicinal tablet Buscopan increased by 6% nationally. Among services, the prices of blood test increased by 3% in June as compared to May 2010. The price of LPG increased by 5% in June as compared to its price in May 2010.

While 41 consumer commodities and services registered price increases, as many as 27 consumer items were available on relatively cheaper prices in June as compared to May. In Punjab, prices of 41 commodities and services registered increases, as did 44 commodities in Sindh, 39 in Khyber Pakhtunkkhwa, 38 in Balochistan and 16 in FATA.

Consumers paid relatively less to purchase onion (price decrease of 10%), mango (11%), orange (15%), chicken broiler (6%), petrol (7%), diesel (2%), kerosene oil (4%) and CNG (2%), in June as compared to what they had to pay in May 2010. In FMCGs, bath soap and washing soap registered a decrease of 2% each while washing powder was available on 3% less price in June as compared to the preceding month. Some diagnostic tests (urine and sugar 6% each and pregnancy test 7%) were also relatively cheaper in June as compared to May 2010.

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