PA passes two resolutions

ISLAMABAD, March 9: Starting an hour behind schedule, the seventh sitting of Sindh Assembly’s 34th session, which met for two hours and 10 minutes on Friday, unanimously passed two resolutions. The first resolution condemned the “recent spate of wall chalking and posters seen in Karachi calling for a Muhajir province,” and called on “the government…


Senate Passes Two bills

ISLAMABAD, March 8: The third sitting of Senate’s 79th session lasting three hours and 18 minutes on Thursday unanimously passed two bills – the Delimitation of Constituencies Amendment Bill 2011 and the Special Economic Zones Bill 2011. 

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Sitting Marked by Low Attendance

ISLAMABAD, March 8: Starting an hour and 20 minutes behind schedule, the sixth sitting of Sindh Assembly’s 34th session, which met for three hours and 15 minutes on Thursday, unanimously passed the Indus University Bill 2011 and adopted a resolution to commemorate the International Women’s Day. Fifteen Members were present at the start while 43…


PA Passes Six Bills

ISLAMABAD, March 8: Six bills were passed in the tenth sitting of the Punjab Assembly’s 35th session on Thursday as the House continued to witness low attendance of Members.

Only 15 Members were present


Senate Passes Resolution to Recover Missing Persons

ISLAMABAD, March 7: The second sitting of Senate’s 79th session lasting two hours and five minutes on Wednesday unanimously passed a resolution expressing deep concern over the issue of missing persons. The Upper House also passed the Industrial Relations Bill 2012.