13th National Assembly stands out for pro-women legislation

  • Overall 372 parliamentary interventions on women rights

ISLAMABAD, March 7, 2013: Women’s inclusion in the political process, preventing anti-women practices, and addressing their vulnerability in conflict-hit areas brought political parties together in the 13th National Assembly, which stood out for pro-women legislation, reflecting some of the promises political parties made in


National Assembly: Sitting Marked by Low Attendance

ISLAMABAD, March 07, 2013: Starting an hour and 30 minutes late, the 14th sitting of the 50th session was marked by low attendance. Only 98 members were present at the outset, 112 at the time of adjournment, whereas a maximum of 148 members


National Assembly: Resolution Against Anchorpersons Adopted

ISLAMABAD, March 06, 2013: Starting 35 minutes late, the 13th sitting of the National Assembly’s session adopted a resolution to demand action against “anchorpersons who are telecasting programmes against parliamentarians…without verification of the facts.”

The sitting which lasted for two hours and 42


National Assembly Leaves Most Agenda Un-addressed

ISLAMABAD, March 05, 2013: Starting an hour late, the National Assembly in the 12th sitting of the 50th session left most agenda appearing on the Orders of the Day unaddressed as the house discussed the incident of recent bomb blast in Karachi for an hour and


National Assembly: MPs’ 741 interventions focus on labour laws

ISLAMABAD, March 3, 2013: Formation of trade unions, relations between employees and employers, recruiting policies in government service and social security institutions were the lawmakers’ focus on the issue of employment in the 13th National Assembly, says a Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN) report on Sunday.


National Assembly Leaves Most of Agenda Items Unaddressed

ISLAMABAD, March 1, 2013: Starting 40 minutes late, the 10th sitting of ongoing 50th session which met for an hour and six minutes on Friday left most of the agenda unaddressed. The sitting also witnessed low attendance as 57 legislators were present at the start while 35 were there at the adjournment.


National Assembly: Amid low attendance three bills passed

ISLAMABAD, February 28, 2013: Starting 49 minutes late, the ninth sitting of the 50th National Assembly session which met for three hours and six minutes on Thursday witnessed the passage of three bills amid low attendance of members.

The house passed two government bills – the Federal