Senate: Opposition Continues Boycott

ISLAMABAD, November 1, 2013: The Upper House left most agenda on the orders of the day unaddressed as the opposition parties continued their boycott of the proceedings in the fifth sitting of the 98th session, on Friday.


Senate Fails to Take Up Agenda Due to Opposition’s Boycott

ISLAMABAD, October 31, 2013: The Chairman adjourned the Senate’s proceedings due to a lack of quorum as the opposition boycotted the fourth sitting of the 98th session on Thursday. 

The opposition (excluding MQM Senators) boycotted the sitting over the Interior Minister’s conduct with the opposition members who


Senate: Walkouts Disrupt Proceedings

ISLAMABAD, October 30, 2013: Two walkouts by the opposition members over a “wrong reply” of a question and “unparliamentarily attitude” of the Interior Minister disrupted the Senate proceedings during the third sitting of the 98th Session.   

The MQM did not join the opposition’s protest despite being on


Senate: Report on Right to Information Act 2013 Presented

ISLAMABAD, October 29, 2013: A report on the Right to Information act 2013 was presented in the second sitting of ninety-eighth session of Senate.

The report was presented by the Chairman of Standing Committee on Information and Broadcasting under sub-rule (1) of rule 196 of the Rules


Senate: 69% Agenda of The First Sitting left Unaddressed

ISLAMABAD, October 28, 2013: The Upper House on Monday did not take up more than two-third of the private members’ day’s agenda in the first sitting of the 98th session.

The House left five motions under rule 218, as many resolutions and a government bill (the Surveying


Senate: Six Bills Introduced

ISLAMABAD, Sept 1, 2013: Six private members’ bills were introduced during Senate’s 97thsession including three seeking amendments in the constitution, says Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN) in its preliminary report on Sunday.


Senate: Concludes Debate on Presidential Address

ISLAMABAD, August 30, 2013: Senate’s 97th session was prorogued on Friday as the Upper House concluded debate on the presidential address to the parliament. 

Five members shared their views in the 90-minute debate on the presidential address


Senate: Debate on Presidential Address Continues

ISLAMABAD, August 29, 2013: The Senate continued to debate the presidential address to the parliament on Thursday during the ninth sitting of the 97th session. Nine Senators – five PPPP, two MQM and one each from ANP and BNPA – expressed their views on the address.


Senate: Six Senators Debate Presidential Address

ISLAMABAD, August 28, 2013: The Senate continued to debate the presidential address to the parliament’s joint session on June 10, 2013 during the eighth sitting of the 97th session on Wednesday. Six Senators – three belonging to PPPP, two PML-N and one ANP – shared their views on the presidential address. Each senator spoke for approximately 10 minutes as stipulated by the Chair.


Senate: Starts Debate on Presidential Address

ISLAMABAD, August 27, 2013: The Senate started debating the presidential address to the parliament’s joint sitting in June this year, during the seventh sitting of the 97th session, on Tuesday. The Leader of the Opposition opened the debate by expressed his views on the presidential address for 30 minutes. The Chairman presided over the sitting…