A) Organizations working as registered not-for-profit entities under any of the following laws may apply for the membership of FAFEN. As and when new laws are introduced by the government, the Board of Trustees may consider including them to the criteria.

  • Societies Registration Act 1860

  • The Trust Act 1882

  • The Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies Ordinance 1961

  • Section 42 of the Companies Ordinance 1984

B) Other minimum conditions for an organization applying for FAFEN membership include:

  • It agrees to abide by the constitution, the by-laws and the Code of Ethics of FAFEN.

  • It must not distribute profit among its members.

  • It must not blacklisted by any national or international institution or agency for financial or other irregularities.

  • It must have been registered and operational for at least two years at the time it applies for the membership, and provide annual audit report(s) of the last two years conducted by ICAP-registered companies.

  • It agrees to pay an annual fee of Rs. 10,000. The fee structure may be revised by the TDEA Board of Trustees as and when necessary. The fee cannot be waived off under any circumstances.

  • It must have relevant experience in election/democracy-related work.

  • Its Executive Director must be willing to disclose details of his/her assets and Annual Income and Wealth Tax Returns at the time of submitting the application as well as for its possible annual update on the FAFEN website.

The TDEA-FAFEN Secretariat publishes calls for FAFEN membership as and when required and directed by the Board of Trustees. Decision about opening membership is taken keeping in view the programs and project requirements. The Trustees shall decide the number of new members to be taken, from different province/area, and the requisite areas of expertise. Membership applications are received on a prescribed Membership Form and Due Diligence Form.

The forms along with the required documents are received in hard copy or as signed soft copies of the original forms and required documents, to ensure that the authorized official(s) has signed the documents. The membership applications are examined by the Secretariat for their completion, minimum requirements, and necessary documents. Incomplete applications or applications without required documents are not considered. Unsuccessful applicants are informed.

The short-listed applications are presented at the periodic meetings of the Board of Trustees for decision. The Board carefully reviews the applications before making a decision. The decision of the Board about each application is communicated to the applicant. The decision of the Board is final and cannot be challenged in any court.

The organization whose membership application is accepted is asked to send membership fee as per the fee structure. The membership shall start from the date of submission of membership fee.

  • All members shall pay annual fee as prescribed by the Board of Trustees.

  • All members are entitled to attend meetings of FAFEN General Council. In case no funds are available with the Secretariat, members shall pay their own traveling, boarding and lodging costs

  • Application for membership or award of membership does not guarantee funding to any member.

  • Members shall be considered for funding democratization and governance related projects as and when FAFEN obtains such opportunity/funds, or assumes a grant management role.

  • FAFEN shall provide its published materials to its members.

  • FAFEN shall invite its members for relevant capacity building events.

  • Member’s name shall appear on the FAFEN website.

  • The Board of Trustees may incorporate members for specific technical committees /sub-committees

All members shall pay annual membership fee as per the fee structure notified every year. The membership fees may be used for paying the expenses of members-related activities.

The membership fee is non-refundable, except in cases where membership is terminated by the Board of Trustees and remaining membership period is more than six months. In such cases balance membership fee, calculated on a pro-rata basis, is returned through bank transaction.

The Board of Trustees can terminate membership on any of the following grounds:

For non-payment of annual membership fee: Membership of an organization who fails to pay annual membership fee within 60 days of the expiry of membership shall be suspended automatically.

Absence from meetings: Any member organization who fails to attend two consecutive General Council meetings, without prior written intimation or justification, shall cease to be the member of FAFEN;

Conduct being detrimental: If the conduct of any member organization is deemed by the Board of Trustees to be prejudicial to the interest of the Network,  its membership may be suspended/cancelled following a transparent inquiry procedure.

Financial Irregularities: If any of the member organization(s) is found engaged in financial impropriety, its membership may be suspended/ cancelled after the conduct of an inquiry.

Withdrawal: Any member organization may on its own accord, withdraw its membership by sending a “withdrawal of membership” request in writing to the Secretariat. The Secretariat shall present such requests in the next scheduled Trustees meeting. In case of withdrawal of membership, the membership fee shall not be refunded.


  • “In terms of reporting on and affecting changes in electoral administration and being coordinated, (FAFEN) domestic observation was more effective than international observation. … It was probably the most effective and efficient activity supported by the donors … (and) should be studied further as best practice.”  
    Joint Donor Evaluation of Pakistan Electoral Assistance 2006-2008 (Aug 2008)
  • “FAFEN produced valuable election related information throughout the election period as well as a strong set of recommendations for election reform. Their parallel vote tabulation (PVT) effort was particularly impressive as they were able to have election monitors in 8,000 polling places throughout the day.”
    Joint Donor Evaluation of Pakistan Electoral Assistance 2006-2008 (Aug 2008)
  • “The FAFEN observation reports show high quality of quantitative analysis based on both access to data from a statistically significant range of constituencies and a sound methodology.”
    European Union Election Observation Mission (EU EOM) Final Report (April 2008)

Member Organizations

The Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN) has the backing of several influential organizations whose expertise and experience encompasses a wide variety of sectors in Pakistan.