Murder and Attempted Murder Make 5% of Total Crime Caseload in 72 Districts

The cases of murder and attempted murder continued to dominate the crime figures in the country in terms of spread and intensity during the month of January nationwide. These crimes against humanity were reported in 66 out of 72 districts monitored by FAFEN. With 1,452 documented cases- 638 premeditated murder and 814 attempted murder cases- these crimes against humanity made 5% of total 28,823 documented cases of crimes by police in the monitored districts.

A total of 88 First Information Reports (FIRs) of premeditated murder were lodged with the police in the district of Karachi during the month of January keeping the district on top of the list in terms of more murder crimes for the consecutive second month. The Karachi murder FIRs made 14% of total 638 FIRs of premeditated murder documented in 63 districts in January as opposed to 18% of the total in December 2010. Faisalabad district remained second with 41 murder FIRs in one month, according to FAFEN collection of officially documented data on crimes. A total of 28,823 FIRs were registered in 72 districts observed by FAFEN.

Murder and attempted murder remained among the most widespread crimes which were reported in 63 and 66 districts of 72 observed districts. The FIRs registered for crimes involving physical harm to persons constituted 11% of the nationwide crimes during January 2011, as opposed to 15% in December 2010. This category includes criminal acts such as murder, involuntary manslaughter (both Qatl-i-Khata and Qatl-bis-Sabab), attempted murder, hurt, illegal confinement and terrorism-related incidents. If crimes against women are included in this category, then it will represent 14% of the nationwide crimes.

Around 3% of the total recorded cases were crimes against women. This category includes offences of so called ‘honor killing’, assault or criminal force to women with intent to outrage her modesty, kidnapping, abducting or inducing women to compel to marry etc, rape, offences relating to marriage and word, gesture or act intended to insult the modesty of a woman. Nearly 24% of the total reported crimes pertained to property. These included offences such as theft, motor vehicle theft, extortion, robbery and dacoity, motor vehicle robbery, criminal misappropriation of property and criminal trespass.

Nine percent of the total FIRs concerned acts of threat and fraud, offences against public tranquility, criminal breach of trust, cheating, fraudulent deeds and dispossession of property, counterfeiting currency notes and bank notes, and criminal intimidation. More than half (53%) of the total registered FIRs were regarding minor crimes categorized as ‘other crimes’. As many as 76% of the total crime cases documented nationwide were registered in Punjab districts in January while they were 78% in December 2010, 13% of the total registered crimes (increasing 2% than last month) were reported in Sindh; 9% (with a decrease of 1% than last month) in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP); and 1% each of the total were reported in Balochistan and Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT).

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