National Assembly 25th Session Attendance Report Card

Twenty-fifth session of National Assembly spanned over four sittings only and proved to be the smallest session of the current parliamentary year. It was second session since the National Assembly started sharing publicly attendance of its members. The lawmakers’ attendance in this session showed significant improvement compared to previous sessions. On average, 235 lawmakers attended each sitting while 97 remained absent and eight members applied for leave. There were 140 lawmakers who attended all four sittings of the House.

The number of lawmakers who did not attend any sitting during this session fell to 18 from 25 in the last session. The Leader of the House, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif came only once to the House to cast his vote in favour of his party’s candidate for speakership. The ministerial attendance also improved during this session. The improvement might have been stimulated by the election of the Speaker where all parties tried to ensure maximum attendance to support their candidates.

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