Senate Transacts Most of Agenda

ISLAMABAD, October 3, 2016: The Senate transacted most of its agenda during sixth sitting of its 253rd session on Monday, reports Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN) in its Daily Factsheet.

Following are some key observations of the House business:

Members’ Participation

  • The Senate met for four hours and 58 minutes.
  • The sitting started at the scheduled time of 1500 hours.
  • The House had a prayer break for 17 minutes.
  • The Chairman presided over the entire sitting.
  • The Deputy Chairman was also present.
  • The Leader of the House attended the sitting for 47 minutes while the Leader of the Opposition was present for 33 minutes.
  • Parliamentary leaders of PPPP, PkMAP, BNP-M, PTI, PML-N, JUI-F, ANP, NP, JI and PML-F attended the sitting.
  • Fifteen members (14% of the total membership – 104) were present at the outset and 18 lawmakers (17%) at the end of the sitting.
  • One minority Senator attended the sitting.


  • The House witnessed introduction of The Protection of Economic Reforms (Amendment) Bill, 2016 which was referred to the relevant committee for further deliberations.
  • A bill – The National Authority for International Law and Commitments Bill, 2016 – was deferred as the Chair directed the mover to further review it.
  • Another bill – the Right to Information Bill, 2016 – was dropped due to the absence of its mover.
  • The Chair again referred the Corporate Rehabilitation Bill, 2015 to the relevant Committee. The bill was forwarded to the House after voting in the Committee that resulted into a tie. After the mover’s vote, the bill was passed, however, the Chair sent it back to the Committee with comments that the mover can’t vote on the bill.
  • The House adopted three resolutions to felicitate Pakistan Cricket Team for being on top position in Test Cricket rankings; give incentives to local car  manufactures in order to boost up production of low priced vehicles in the country and construction of 250 KM highway along the coast from Sir Creek to Karachi.
  • One of the resolutions on the agenda regarding steps for provision of free and compulsory education to all the children as provided in Article 25-A of the Constitution was deferred due to the absence of the mover.
  • A resolution to place Pakistan Meteorological Department (MET) under the administrative control of the Ministry of Climate Change was withdrawn by the mover.

 Representation and Responsiveness

  • A commenced motion under Rule 218 about multiple problems being faced by agricultural sector in the country was discussed. Sixteen lawmakers spoke on it for two hours and five minutes.
  • Two lawmakers discussed a motion about protecting the rights of Tax Filers in the country for nine minutes.
  • A motion under Rule 218 about procedure  laid  down  by  the  Ministry  of  Housing  and  Works for acquiring land  from  private  sector was debated by six lawmakers for 34 minutes.
  • Five lawmakers discussed another motion about plight of Pakistani labourers in Saudi Arabia for 23 minutes.
  • Five minutes were consumed in debate on another motion by three lawmakers. The motion was about transparency concerns on the loan of $408 million taken by the Government from a Switzerland-based financial group.
  • Two other motions on the agenda and a commenced motion were deferred due to the absence of relevant ministers.

Order and Institutionalization 

  • Seven Points of Public Importance consumed 19 minutes of the proceedings.


  • ‘Orders of the Day’ was available to the legislators, observers and public.
  •  The attendance of lawmakers is available on the website.

This daily factsheet is based on direct observation of the Senate proceedings conducted by Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN). Errors and omissions are excepted