FAFEN Releases Fourth Update on Election and Political Environment Before GE-2018

ISLAMABAD, June 12, 2018: The Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN)’s General Elections (GE) 2018 Update-IV is based on observation data gathered systematically from 130 districts by as many trained and non-partisan District Coordinators (DCs) during the latter half of May 2018 (May 16 to May 31). The information was collected through 731 interviews with representatives of 44 political parties and groups. Update-IV documents district-level political alignments and realignments prior to GE 2018, and includes key observation findings regarding 325 political gatherings held across the country.

Moreover, based on data gathered through methodical monitoring of 11 national and regional newspapers, the Update includes information on reported incidents of political and electoral violence and politically-motivated advertisements in the press. Additional observation findings on postings and transfers ahead of GE 2018 and allotment of election symbols are also included.

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