FAFEN Secretariat

FAFEN Secretariat serves as a crucial hub, providing technical and programmatic support to the network of networks spanning across Pakistan. Its comprehensive engagement covers all FAFEN’s core programmatic areas, including elections, parliamentary observation, local governance, and efforts towards the political inclusion of women and other marginalized groups. The Secretariat plays a pivotal role in delivering day-to-day assistance, consolidating information, conducting analysis, packaging and developing technical reports and products, and formulating collective advocacy actions.

At the helm of the FAFEN Secretariat is a National Coordinator, leading a team of professionals with diverse experiences gained from their work in various international and domestic organizations. The Secretariat boasts robust performance management systems that have successfully implemented real-time program monitoring. This capability enhances institutional responsiveness to emerging needs and ensures a transparent and accountable management of programs.

FAFEN Secretariat is housed at the Trust for Democratic Education and Accountability (TDEA), a non-profit organization registered under the Trust Act. With TDEA’s technical and capacity-building support, FAFEN has gained national and international recognition as a uniquely positive civil society contributor in Pakistan’s electoral reform process. FAFEN’s efforts have contributed to greater transparency and accountability in election administration and the parliament and provincial assemblies’ proceedings.

Rashid Chaudhry

National Coordinator, FAFEN

Hina Tabassum

Deputy Team Lead

Mr. Salahudin Safdar

Deputy Team Lead

Azhar Ali

Senior Program Officer

Fozia Hanif

Senior Program officer