84% hike in tomato prices

A report based on prices collected from 188 retail outlets in 105 districts across Pakistan in July 2013

ISLAMABAD, 2ND September 2013: Price of tomatoes increased by 84% in July as compared to June 2013. Heavy rainfall and flood in various parts of the country are said to be the factors behind low tomato yield leading to its import and thus a higher price says a Free and Fair Election (FAFEN) report released on Monday.

FAFEN governance monitors visited 188 retail outlets in 105 districts and reported increase in the prices of other vegetables as well. Price of potatoes increased by 21% and onions 10%.

A high increase was also registered in the price of fruits; dark red apples 38%, golden apples 35% and bananas 12%.

Prices of condiments went up with that of ginger increasing 12%, garlic 8% and turmeric 4%. Among poultry products, 7% increase was observed for eggs while broiler chicken live went up 1%. The average price of broiler chicken meat however remained unchanged. Other meat items including beef and mutton also registered increase of 3% and 2%. 

Similarly prices of all the sweeteners (gur, desi shaker (3% each) and sugar (1%)), dairy products (freash milk and yoghurt (1% each)) and wheat (flour (3%) and grain (1%)) registered rise.

An increase was also observed in the price of kitchen fuels; LPG (3%), firewood (2%) and kerosene oil (1%).
A mixed trend was observed in pulses as prices of some increased while others decreased. Price increase was seen for washed moong pulse (5%), white beans (4%), washed masoor pulse (3%) and red beans (2%) while that of  chickpeas (5%), gram pulse (4%), washed mash pulse and black gram (1% each) went down.

Of the rice varieties, irri-6 went down 2% and basmati broken 1%. The average price of basmati -386 remained unchanged.

Moreover, prices of mustard oil, branded cooking oil and branded vegetable ghee dropped 2% each.

Except for the price of a plate of cooked beef, which went down 1%, all other cooked items experienced increase; a cup of hot tea (4%), a plate of dal and a plate of vegetables (1% each).