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Local Governance
Research & Reforms

FAFEN recognizes that the local tier of government happens to be at the epicenter of political stakes, serving as the foundation of democracy and governance in Pakistan. Understanding the significance of local governance in shaping the lives of citizens, FAFEN is committed to monitoring, researching, and advocating for reforms that enhance transparency, accountability, and citizen participation in local governance structures.


District, Regional, and Provincial-level
Governance Support Groups                                                      Over 130

Citizens Monitoring Delivery of and Advocating for
Essential Public Services in Health and Education        Over 3,000

Local Government Women Representatives
and Candidates Trained                                                            Over 7,500

Governance Monitoring Reports                               Over 100 reports

Local Governance Monitoring

Local governance monitoring serves as a vital tool for bridging the gap between government and the governed. By keeping a vigilant eye on the actions and decisions of local authorities, FAFEN endeavors to provide citizens with objective information about the performance of public institutions. Monitoring local governance processes not only fosters transparency but also cultivates a sense of civic participation and ownership in the governance of their communities.

Trained 15,000 women candidates and over 5,000 women local government representatives on political processes

Mobilized citizens to scrutinize the government’s response to the pandemic and develop recommendations for improvement Proposed evidence-based, data-driven reforms

Organized various citizen support groups advocating for and monitoring delivery of essential public services

Proposed evidence-based, data-driven reforms

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Local Governance Monitoring

Local Governance Research

Local Governance Data Management and analysis

Local Governance Reforms