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Parliament Observation
Research & Reforms

Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN) started observation of the National Assembly in 2008. In 2011, it expanded its scope and began observation of the proceedings of the Senate and all four Provincial Assemblies.


Daily and Session Reports                                                     Over 1,500

Thematic reports                                                                           Over 20

Individual Performance Reports
All Members of the Parliament and Provincial Assemblies

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Parliamentary Observation

A hallmark of FAFEN’s approach is its unique methodology to assess the performance of legislatures and elected representatives. Through daily, session-wise, annual and thematic reports on legislative processes and performance, FAFEN provides vital insights to constituents, legislators, political parties, legislative secretariats, and the media. This initiative aims to bolster public scrutiny of parliamentary performance and foster greater accountability among elected representatives.

Maintained an extensive reservoir of parliamentary data (

Developed individual performance reports of elected representatives

Generated discourse on evidence-based parliamentary reforms

Disseminated thematic reports on the performance of women and minority legislators

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Parliamentary Observation

Parliamentary Research

Parliamentary Data Management and analysis

Parliamentary Reforms