Cheating cases increase 40% in September

A report based on crime statistics collected from 92 DPO offices in September 

ISLAMABAD, December 18, 2012: Cheating incidents increased 40% in September – 37 districts reporting 518 First Information Reports (FIRs) as compared with the preceding month (432 cases; 43 districts), says a Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN) report says.

According to the report released on Tuesday, for the second month running, Lahore and Multan had the most such cases.

FAFEN Crime Monitors who visited 92 offices of District Police Officers reported that all other crimes relating to the threat and fraud category either dropped or remained unchanged.

Those registering decrease included incidents of counterfeiting currency, down 46%, offences against public tranquility (23%) and criminal breach of trust (6%). However, the number of criminal intimidation cases (16 per district) and fraudulent deeds and dispossession of property (3 per district) remained unchanged.

The total FIRs recorded in September saw a 1% decrease – 92 districts registering 40,461 cases, down from the previous month’s 43,625 recorded across 100 districts.

‘Other crimes’ constituted 60% of the total FIRs, followed by crimes relating to property (19%), crimes involving physical harm (11%), threat and fraud (8%) and crimes against women (2%).

Region-wise, the most crimes were committed in Punjab (63%), Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (22%), Sindh (13%) and Balochistan (1%). ICT also reported 156 FIRs.

Better outreach, lack of parallel judicial system and a higher confidence level between the police and the people are said to be the reasons for better crime reportage in Punjab than other regions.

Except for terrorism-related incidents that rose two-fold (from two cases per district in August to four in September), all other crimes involving physical harm either fell or saw no change. Illegal confinement incidents decreased 40% (from five cases per district in August to three) while accidental death (qatl-bis-sabab) also witnessed a similar drop. Hurt cases declined 25% as did attempted murder, by 20%.

Similarly, among crimes relating to property, only criminal misappropriation of property cases increased – from three FIRs per district to six in the reporting period. However, cases of criminal trespass declined 11%, motor vehicle snatching (24%) and extortion (63%).

As for crimes against women, cases relating to marriage went up 43% and those of outraging women’s modesty through word, gesture or action increase 50%. In contrast, forced marriage FIRs decreased from 12 per district last month to 10 in September. All other crimes in this category did not see any change.

Ten districts, eight of them in Punjab and two in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, reported half of the total FIRs. Lahore (15%), Faisalabad (6%) and Multan (5%) were the highest reporting districts.