Chinar Regional Network Conducts a Training Session on Post-Election Assessment

Abbottabad, May 30, 2024: FAFEN’s Chinar Regional Network conducted a training session on May 15, 2024, for its Regional Member Organizations (RMOs) aiming to provide participants with the required skills, knowledge, and confidence to perform effective post-election assessments which include assessing electoral processes and understanding Pakistan’s constitutional framework, electoral rules, and recent reforms. The training also focused on increasing the understanding regarding the political divisions and consensus-building tactics across various society segments, hence improving assessment quality. Furthermore, participants were able to improve their research abilities, notably in conducting focus group discussions and surveys, which are critical for acquiring useful data. As many as nine participants including four men and five women attended the session.

The participants also received valuable regional insights for navigating election dynamics by investigating local government acts, particularly the KP Local Government Act. Furthermore, improving participants’ digital competencies allowed them to effectively use modern communication channels for outreach. This training session aimed to equip RMOs to make effective contributions to strengthening Pakistan’s electoral environment. Organizing regular training sessions and workshops will be critical in consistently improving RMO participants’ abilities and knowledge, ensuring they are prepared to undertake post-election assessments efficiently and use digital media platforms proficiently.