Shah Hussain Regional Network Advocates for Local Government Elections in Punjab

Lahore, December 4, 2023: FAFEN’s Shah Hussain Regional Network presents the 41st edition of its newsletter, ‘Better Government,’ dedicated to keeping the public informed about local governance developments and promoting awareness of network activities aimed at the importance of local government elections. In this latest issue, various initiatives in Punjab are highlighted, with a particular emphasis on enhancing women’s participation in local government elections, advocating for prompt LG elections, and facilitating voter education and mobilization efforts.

The November 2023 newsletter brings several updates, including the passing of the Local Government Amendment Act, 2023 by the Punjab Caretaker Government, an ongoing awareness-raising campaign for local government elections in Punjab, shedding light on the need for civic engagement. Another highlight is the consultative session addressing the importance of integrating women’s and minorities’ perspectives into the 2024 manifestoes of political parties.

The newsletter also mentions organizing a training program for journalists on election reporting. Furthermore, the newsletter highlights the regional network’s dedication to empowering women by mobilizing and encouraging their active participation in local government. By providing a comprehensive overview of these key developments, FAFEN’s regional network aims to promote a better understanding of local governance’s crucial role in strengthening democracy.

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