Election Act 2017 Implementation in General Election 2018

Election Act 2017 implementation is crucial for free, fair and transparent elections. Here’s FAFEN’s analysis of its implementation.  


ISLAMABAD, July 24, 2018: Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN) has been conducting periodic assessments of the political environment and Election Act 2017 implementation, along with rules and regulations, since January 2018, as part of its multi-phase observation of General Elections 2018.

Election Act 2017 Implementation for Transparent Polls

The purpose of the observation of Election Act 2017 implementation and political environment is to contribute to the evolution of an election process that is free, fair, transparent and accountable, in accordance with the requirements laid out in the Elections Act, 2017.

FAFEN produces regular updates, information briefs and reports to provide objective, impartial and evidence-based information regarding the quality of electoral and political processes to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), political parties, the media, civil society organizations, and citizens.

Assessment of Polling Stations

This assessment of polling stations comprises analysis of the Final Lists of Polling Stations available on the ECP’s website, and findings by FAFEN observers on the availability of facilities at 10,895 polling stations in sampled electoral areas, perceptions of 1,574 National Assembly (NA) candidates regarding the process of finalizing polling stations and estimations by 12,104 citizens concerning ease of access.

Election Observation Methodology

As part of its election observation methodology, FAFEN randomly sampled 50 electoral areas in each NA constituency. In each sampled electoral area, FAFEN interviewed three citizens, including women, to gauge citizen perception towards various electoral processes and preparations, including polling station access. FAFEN observers also visited polling stations in each sampled area for a basic-facilities audit.

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