KP Assembly: 60% Lawmakers Abstain From Budget Debate

As many as 74 out of 124 lawmakers (60%) did not participate in the general discussion on budget 2018-19 held during the 7th session of the Provincial Assembly of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), observes Free and Fair Election Network in its session report.

The session comprised 13 sittings held between June 18 and July 22, 2019 and 50 lawmakers (40%) sitting members took part in the general discussion on the Finance Bill, 2019 laid by Provincial Minister for Finance in the first sitting.

The House witnessed low interest of lawmakers in the budget debate as 15 female legislators and 59 male lawmakers did not contribute in it. All non-participating female lawmakers were from PTI while 51 non-participating male lawmakers were from PTI, three each were Independents and from MMAP and one each from ANP and PML-N.

Among 50 members taking part in debate, 42 were male and eight were female. Out of eight participating female lawmakers, three were from ANP, two from MMAP and one each from PML-N, PPPP and PTI.  Likewise, 18 male lawmakers from PTI, eight from MMAP, seven from ANP, four each from PML-N and PPPP and one from PML participated in the budget debate.

The overall business including regular and supplementary agenda brought before the House comprised one private and nine government bills, 23 resolutions, ten Calling Attention Notices (CANs), two Adjournment Motions (AMs), 83 starred questions and two Questions of Privilege (QoPs).

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