The Parliament Watch Programme employs direct observation to evaluate parliamentary proceedings and procedures. Various outputs in the form of daily factsheets, session, annual and thematic reports are made available to the public as well as timely and clear information is communicated to the legislative bodies. Inclusive and strong decisions can only be made when all legislators are well-informed about parliamentary proceedings – the performance of each Member is gauged through FAFEN’s members’ scorecards. Only the active and responsible participation of all the members can make the business of Parliament meaningful.

The MP Scorecards are based on indicators – transparency, participation, responsiveness, parliamentary outputs, and order and institutionalization – through which the performance of a single Member can be, measured in terms of his/her interventions in the parliament. FAFEN evaluates the Members on the number of his/her parliamentary interventions, which either, appear on the Orders of the Day or is raised on the floor of the House – Calling Attention Notices, Legislations, Questions, Motions Under Rule 259, Resolutions, Matters of Public Importance, Point of Order, Adjournment Motions, Questions of Privilege and Protests.

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