Members Performance Reports


The Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN) has developed the Performance Reports for all Members of the National and Provincial Assemblies, based on direct observation of the Houses’ proceedings, and examination of assembly records which are readily accessible on their official websites. The metrics include:

  • The total number of bills moved by each lawmaker, with each bill counted uniquely.
  • The total number of Calling Attention Notices (CANs) raised by lawmakers, including all CANs listed on the Orders of the Day.
  • The total number of resolutions submitted by lawmakers, including those listed on the Orders of the Day and moved as supplementary resolutions.
  • Statistics on questions raised by lawmakers, covering starred and unstarred questions sourced from the List of Questions on each Assembly’s website.

FAFEN assesses members’ participation by examining the agenda items they sponsored individually or in collaboration with colleagues, as well as their involvement on floor discussions.

Disclaimer: Errors and omissions are excepted. These performance reports are based on FAFEN’s direct observation of the proceedings of the provincial assemblies. The observation findings for Punjab, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assemblies were verified and cross-checked against the verbatim/debates and other relevant information available on their websites. However, the verification of observation findings for the Sindh Assembly could not be conducted as it does not publish verbatim/debates on its website.