Neelibar Regional Network Conducts Training for Regional Member Organizations

Multan, May 30, 2024: FAFEN’s Neelibar Regional Network conducted a capacity-building session of its regional member organizations (RMOs) in Multan on May 14, 2024, aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the network organizations to advocate for governance issues and election reforms. The session focused on addressing electoral issues and reforms for empowering voices at the grassroots level, designing and implementing initiatives to foster political and community dialogue, assessing the operational environment for civil society through strategic initiatives, learning research techniques to facilitate informed decision-making, and developing information for FAFEN’s Digital media. The discussions during the training focused on political polarization and the significance of community dialogues within the districts. focused on continuing efforts to garner support for electoral governance and electoral reforms.

As many as 25 representatives – 16 men and nine women, of the local organizations attended the training session. The participants were introduced to survey methodologies, including surveys, focus group discussions, and Kish grid techniques, alongside practical instruction on camera operations for videography. To increase the outreach of FAFEN, the participants were taught various techniques for recording videos including grid, long shot, close shot, and medium shot—using tripods to develop engaging content for FAFEN Digital.

As a result of the training, regional member organizations were well-versed in constitutional knowledge and the Elections Act 2017. The session helped to gain insights into the importance of dialogues, research techniques, digital media usage, and utilizing FAFEN digital platforms. Furthermore, they were equipped with the necessary skills to monitor the effectiveness of local governments in their respective districts.