Political Parties’ Petitions with Election Tribunals April 2014 Update

The election tribunals established by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to redress post-election disputes have failed to dispose of as many as 150 out of 156 petitions within the legally-stipulated deadline. As of March 31, 2014, only 62%(254 of 410) of the post-election petitions were decided by the tribunals and the ECP (229 out of 385 by 14 tribunals and 25 by ECP). The  ECP  constituted  14  tribunals  across  the  country  following  the  2013  General  Elections  to  redress election-related complaints of contesting candidates.

The election results were officially notified on May 22, 2013, following which the candidates were given until July 6 (45 days) to submit their petitions. The ECP received a total of 409 petitions,while one petition was filed directly with the Lahore Tribunal.

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