Political Parties’ Petitions with Election Tribunals – August 2014 Update

Only eight cases were decided by the election tribunals between July 01 and August 10, 2014 – bringing the total number of decided cases to 326 out of 410 (300 out of 384 by the tribunals and 26 by the ECP itself). Of the most recent eight cases, five were accepted while three were dismissed due to multiple reasons. On the other hand, 84 petitions are still awaiting decisions by the election tribunals.

Of the 326 petitions decided, 152 cases (126 by the tribunals and 26 by the ECP itself) have been dismissed on grounds of technical deficiencies, implying that the merits of the petitions were not adjudicated on. Twenty-nine petitions have been accepted; 22 dismissed due to non-prosecution; 28 dismissed as withdrawn and 62 dismissed after complete trial. The reasons for dismissal of 33 petitions are not known to FAFEN due to non-availability of their copies of orders despite continuous efforts to obtain them.

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