Senate addresses 87 percent agenda, discusses matters of public importance

ISLAMABAD, November 10, 2021: The Senate transacted 87 percent agenda on Wednesday and consumed around one-third of the proceedings’ time in debate on matters of public importance, observes Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN) in the Daily Factsheet.

Following are key observations of the proceedings during third sitting of 315th session:

Members’ Participation

  • The Senate met for two hours and 25 minutes.
  • The sitting started at 05:14 pm against the scheduled time of 05:00 pm.
  • The chairman presided over the entire proceedings.
  • The deputy chairman was also present.
  • The leader of the house attended the sitting for two hours and one minute.
  • The leader of the opposition attended the entire sitting.
  • As many as 22 lawmakers (22%) were present at the outset and 61 (61%) at the adjournment of sitting.
  • The parliamentary leaders of PML, PPPP, JI, PML-N, PTI, PML-F, BAP and JUI-F attended the sitting.
  • Three minority lawmaker were present.


  • Minister of state for parliamentary affairs laid three ordinances including the Pakistan Civil Aviation Ordinance, 2021; the Pakistan Airports Authority Ordinance, 2021 and the Federal Government Properties Management Authority Ordinance, 2021.
  • The House witnessed presentation of four reports of various standing committees. Three reports were related to legislative proposals including the Criminal Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2021; the Islamabad Rent Restriction (Amendment) Bill, 2021 and the Trade Organizations (Amendment) Bill, 2021 while one report was on a point of public importance regarding fishing by Chinese Trawlers in Balochistan’s territorial waters.
  • Chairman standing committee on planning, development and special initiatives presented special report of the Committee on the recurrent annual untimeliness and futility of the Senate of Pakistan’s recommendatory role in the PSDP.
  • Minister of state for parliamentary services presented report on 1st Biannual Monitoring on the Implementation of NFC Award (July-December, 2020) and a copy of the Money Bill, the Tax Laws (Third Amendment) Bill, 2021.

 Representation and Responsiveness

  • The House took up 12 out of 24 starred questions while lawmakers asked 28 supplementary questions.
  • Minister of state for parliamentary affairs responded to a calling attention notice (CAN) regarding the non-development of Sector I-12. Another CAN on the agenda was deferred.
  • A motion of thanks to the President for his address to Parliament on September 13, 2021 was not taken up
  • Fifteen lawmakers spoke on points of public importance for 45 minutes.

Order and Institutionalization

  • Three lawmakers spoke on points of order for 14 minutes.
  • The House was adjourned to meet again on Friday, November 12, 2021 at 10:30 am.


  • Orders of the Day was available to the legislators, observers and public.
  • Attendance of lawmakers was available to the media and observers.

This daily factsheet is based on direct observation of the Senate proceedings conducted by Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN). Errors and omissions are excepted