Shah Hussain Regional Network Conducts Capacity-Building Session for its Regional Member Organizations

Lahore, May 30, 2024: FAFEN’s Shah Hussain Regional Network conducted a capacity-building session of regional member organizations (RMOs) in Lahore on May 8, 2024, to increase the professional capacity of the Shah Hussain Network members. The training session focused on efforts to obtain public support for electoral governance and electoral reforms, promotion of political and social dialogue to reduce political confrontation, evaluation of the suitability of the working environment for civil society organizations, civil society and action research, civil society and the use of digital media, and research studies on the performance of local governments.

The training included group discussion with the electoral partners at the district levels on the constitutional articles and election laws, the importance of suggestions from stakeholders to improve the electoral process, and electoral reforms. Furthermore, the session informed the participants about political polarization and confrontation, identifying commonalities between citizens and people, and the method of bringing citizens together on common interests. The participants also discussed the challenges faced by civil society and the suitable environment required for effective collaboration.

The participants were also briefed on the FAFEN Digital channel and the proper use of digital media for maximizing the outreach of FAFEN’s regional network, including basic equipment for recording, mobile camera settings, video frames, scripting, and basic principles of editing. As many as 28 participants including 20 males and eight females enhanced their professional capacity to conduct and engage in network activities effectively.