Urban Hubs in Sindh, KP and Punjab Register the Most Murder FIRs

A Report Based on Crime Statistics Collected from 83 DPO Offices across Pakistan in September 2011

According to crime statistics gathered by FAFEN from 83 districts across the country, there were as many as 85 cases of murder reported and 84 FIRs lodged for attempted murder in Karachi (West) district of Sindh, the highest recorded figures in the reporting month of September 2011. Following Karachi (West) was Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Peshawar district where 56 murder cases were reported and 44 attempted murder FIRs filed with Faisalabad district in Punjab recording 52 murders and 76 attempted murder FIRs.

Region-wise, Punjab constituted 46% of the 880 FIRs for murder registered there followed by KP 30% (268 FIRs) and Sindh 20% (180 FIRs) in 19 districts. In Balochistan, there were 25 murder cases recorded of which, 15 were reported in Quetta district alone. On the other hand, a total of 996 FIRs were registered for six offences against women. These comprised 3% of the total 32,397 FIRs lodged in September.

Nearly one-fourth (23%) of the total crimes committed against women were those of rape. Region-wise, 26 monitored districts in Punjab constituted 83% of all such FIRs followed by 9% in 14 districts in KP, 7% in Sindh’s seven districts and two such cases being registered in Balochistan’s Quetta district.

However, no case was reported in the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) during the monitoring period. Every month FAFEN’s governance monitors collect statistics of FIRs for 27 offences covered by the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) from the offices of District Police Officers (DPOs). In September, the monitors visited 83 such offices out of which 28 districts were in Punjab, 23 in KP, 19 in Sindh, 12 in Balochistan and one in ICT.

There were a total of 32,379 FIRs registered for the 27 offences in 83 districts. Category-wise, 59% of the FIRs related to other crimes, 19% were those of crimes against property, 13% pertained to crimes of physical harm, 6% were of threat and fraud while 3% were those committed against women. Sixty two percent of the 4,139 FIRs of physical harm were registered in Punjab, 20% in KP, 14% in Sindh, 3% in Balochistan and 1% in ICT.

Similarly, nearly three-fourths (73%) of the 6,245 property-related FIRs were lodged in Punjab, 21% in Sindh, 2% each in KP and ICT and 1% in Balochistan. Ninety percent of the total1,863 FIRs of threat and fraud were reported in Punjab while 6% were registered in KP. The monitored districts in Punjab and Sindh constituted 69% and 20% of the 996 FIRs of crimes against women.

These were followed by 8% FIRs registered in KP and about 2% in ICT and 1% in Balochistan. Region-wise, 62% of all the FIRs were lodged in Punjab, 25% in KP, 10% in Sindh, 2% in Balochistan and 1% in ICT. Attempted murder topped the list of most widespread crimes with 1,030 FIRs recorded in 78 out of the 83 districts monitored. This was followed by murder, hurt, theft and robbery and dacoity reported in 76, 75, 63 and 56 districts respectively. Theft was the most frequently committed crime with 2,553 FIRs registered. Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Peshawar, Multan and Karachi (West) reported the highest number of FIRs, collectively constituting 31% of the 32,379 FIRs registered in the districts that were observed. On average 2,030 FIRs were filed in each of the top five districts.

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