24th National Assembly Session Attendance Report Card

FAFEN releases the Attendance Report Card for the 24th National Assembly Session. The report is based on the attendance data made public by the National Assembly Secretariat. The report sheds light on overall attendance of the lawmakers during the session as well as the attendance of key members such as Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition, Speaker, Deputy Speaker, parliamentary leaders and federal ministers.

The 24th National Assembly Session was spread over 14 sittings. Out of a total of 339 members at the start of the session, 25 (7%) members did not show up in any of the 14 sittings. Nine of these members remained absent in all the sittings, one female member from PML-N was on leave throughout the session while the remaining 15 members applied for leaves for some sittings and remained absent in others. There were nine members of the National Assembly who showed up in only one sitting. Similarly, another nine lawmakers attended only two of the fourteen sittings during the session, remaining absent or on leave for the rest of 12 sittings.

More than one-fourth (92 of 339) of the members attended three to seven sittings, remaining absent or on leave during half of the session. The lawmakers’ attendance record released by the National Assembly Secretariat shows that 32% (109) lawmakers attended more than half but less than 12 sittings of the last session. Additionally, 27 (8%) lawmakers missed two sittings.

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