Malakand Democratic Network Meets with Women, Community Elders, District Election Officers, and Media Representatives Under Voter Mobilization Campaign for Women Voters in Low Turnout Areas

Islamabad, February 5, 2024: Malakand Democratic Network held a Voter Mobilization Campaign for Women Voters in Low Turnout Areas of Buner, Chitral, and Upper Dir, where a total of 87 participants (54 men, 33 women) engaged in discussions about women’s voting rights. The facilitator highlighted provisions in the Pakistani Constitution and the Election Act of 2017, emphasizing women’s equal right to vote. Participants were encouraged to share reasons hindering their voting participation. Many expressed concerns about combined polling stations, which made it difficult for them to vote. They stressed that separate female polling stations would empower them to negotiate with their families for voting rights.

The Election Officer from the District Election Office Buner addressed the participants, outlining efforts to establish polling stations closer to communities. He assured them of ongoing initiatives to create separate polling stations for women, prioritizing safety and accessibility. The project coordinator suggested participants seek assistance from the District Returning Officer regarding polling station issues and encouraged them to engage with the District Election Commissioner post-election for long-term resolutions. These discussions underscored the importance of collaborative efforts to ensure inclusive and accessible electoral processes.

The meetings were widely covered in the local newspapers.