Marvi Regional Network Facilitates Election Forums for Contesting Candidates

Islamabad, February 5, 2024: FAFEN’s Marvi Regional Network facilitated Election Forums for the contesting candidates in districts Thatta and Sujawal. The forums were attended by contesting candidates and citizens to provide a platform for candidates and constituents to discuss election plans, party manifestos, and visions for the upcoming elections. The overarching goal was to raise awareness and motivate constituents to actively participate in the voting process.

The contesting candidates successfully brought attention to key issues faced by Thatta, including water scarcity, education, healthcare, and infrastructure. The speeches and commitments made by the participating candidates resonated with the audience, highlighting their priorities and proposed solutions to the identified challenges.

Facilitating active engagement between candidates and the public, the forum allowed constituents to evaluate the sincerity and feasibility of each candidate’s promises. It initiated a political dialogue within the community, with constituents discussing the presented manifestos and potential candidates for the upcoming elections. In summary, the Contestant Candidates Forum Election 2024 in Thatta has laid the foundation for increased political awareness, informed decision-making, and active civic participation. The immediate outcomes reflect a community eager to engage with its candidates and address pressing local issues.