Code of Conduct for 2024 Elections: Marvi Regional Network Holds Seminar

Code of conduct for 2024 elections, laid down for political parties, was made simple at a seminar. Find out more here.


Islamabad, February 1, 2024: Marvi Regional Network (MRN) organized a seminar on the Election’s code of conduct for political parties and candidates for the upcoming general elections in 2024 in Thatta.

The objective of the seminar was to clarify the election code of conduct for political parties and candidates, emphasizing the importance of adhering to guidelines set by the Election Commission for ensuring a fair and peaceful electoral process. The key points discussed among the participants were that candidates and political parties must respect Pakistan’s sovereignty, integrity, and security, and adhere to ethical standards and public order.

Moreover, the session focused on equal participation in elections, avoidance of electoral corruption, avoiding violence in elections, rules on public gatherings during election campaigns, and procedures for the implementation of a code of conduct. The seminar contributed to promoting awareness and fostering a sense of responsibility among political parties and candidates for the upcoming elections. The active participation of diverse stakeholders ensured a rich exchange of ideas, contributing to the collective effort to uphold the democratic process in Pakistan.