Network for Democracy and Governance Initiative Holds Community Dialogues and Forums with Members of Religious or Ethnic Minorities

Religious or ethnic minorities have long been denied their due rights. FAFEN member holds moot to raise awareness.


Islamabad, February 5, 2024: Under its voter education campaign, the Network for Democracy and Governance Initiative organized community dialogues and forums with religious and ethnic minorities in rural areas and urban neighbourhoods with concentrated minority populations.

The primary goal of the campaign is to empower minority groups with knowledge and awareness about the electoral process, their voting rights, and the significance of active civic participation. By providing essential information, the campaign aims to bridge gaps in understanding and foster an informed electorate; ensuring they are well-informed and equipped to actively participate in the democratic process by exercising their right to vote in the upcoming election.

Religious and Ethnic Minorities: Preparing for Elections

The event, held on January 20, 2024, witnessed active participation, with 40 female attendees contributing to the engagement. This timing was chosen strategically to align with the pre-election phase, maximizing the impact of the voter education campaign as communities prepare for upcoming electoral activities.

The participation of 40 females in the event signifies a step toward gender inclusivity. The broader impact includes challenging gender-related barriers within marginalized communities and fostering an environment where both men and women actively contribute to democratic processes.

Impact of the Campaign

The broader impact of the voter education campaign extends beyond immediate results. It lays the groundwork for sustained civic engagement, challenges historical disenfranchisement, and contributes to the creation of an informed, active, and inclusive electorate within marginalized communities.