Channan Network Launches Voter Education Campaign for the First-time Voters

Voter education campaign has been undertaken here for first-time voters. Read on to know more about FAFEN partner’s effort!

Islamabad, February 5, 2024: Channan Network initiated an awareness campaign aimed at educating and engaging young voters enrolled in higher education institutions, especially focusing on young girls who are gearing up to cast their votes for the first time in the upcoming general elections. The campaign emphasizes the importance of civic participation and the voting process, utilizing social media platforms to disseminate information and cultivate a sense of responsibility among the target demographic.

Voter Education Campaign: How to Cast Vote!

To simplify the voting process, participants engaged in mock exercises and received practical knowledge on casting their votes. A total of 33 young girls actively participated in various activities organized under the campaign, which was conducted in collaboration with higher education institutions to effectively reach young voters.

Reflecting on the outcomes of the campaign, participants reported feeling prepared to navigate the voting process. The mock voting exercise emerged as crucial in familiarizing them with procedures, contributing significantly to their sense of readiness for the upcoming elections.

Importance of Civic Engagement

However, acknowledging the dynamic nature of civic engagement, ongoing efforts are imperative to reinforce the awareness and confidence gained by young voters. As they embark on their journey towards active and informed participation in the democratic process, sustained initiatives will be essential in nurturing a generation of engaged citizens committed to shaping the future of their communities and nations.