33 Commodities Register Price Increase in January

ISLAMABAD, January 26, 2011: The price of tomato, cooking ghee and oil, rice, meat, eggs, fruits and kitchen fuel registered a varying degree of increase in the month of January, 2011 as compared to their price in December, 2010, according to FAFEN Retail Price Monitor, released here Wednesday.

FAFEN monitors observed the price of 52 commodities in January, 2011, at designated retail outlets in 123 towns of 77 districts in four provinces. Out of 52 commodities, 33 experienced an increase in their prices, 16 a decrease and the prices of three commodities remained approximately the same. The 33 commodities registered an average increase of 5%, while 16 commodities registered an average decrease of 6%.

The price of tomato increased by 50%, vegetable ghee by 10% and cooking oil by 8%, forcing consumers to pay more for the purchase of these commonly used kitchen items. Chicken prices went up by 8% and mutton by 1%. Rice Basmati broken was available at 7% and Rice Irri at 5% increased prices in January as compared to their prices in December.

The seasonal change in consumption pattern had its due affect as the prices of commodities like kerosene oil, firewood, LPG, kinnow, eggs, tea (prepared) and peanuts that affect the need and tastes of the consumers in winters, increased.

While the prices of many of the essential commodities increased, the prices of potato and onion experienced a further decrease of 25% and 22%, respectively. Potato and onion prices had decreased in the month of December as compared to prices in November 2010. The prices of commodities- sugar, gur and desi shaker- that involved sugarcane as an input also experienced a decrease in their respective prices. The decrease in their prices can be related to the ongoing harvesting season of the sugarcane crop. The price of chapati (tanoor) experienced a decrease of 3% during the observed month as compared to the previous month.

The prices of medical services like blood sugar test and urine test also decreased in the month of January, 2011 as compared to their prices in December, 2010.


FAFEN is a network of 30 civil society organizations working to foster democratic accountabilities in Pakistan. It is governed by Trust for Democratic Education and Accountability.