Balochistan Assembly: Budget Session Prorogued

ISLAMABAD, June 28, 2013: The Balochistan Assembly’s budget session was prorogued on Friday as the house also passed the Balochistan Services Tribunal Bill 2013.

The passed bill seeks amendments in sections of  the Balochistan Service Tribunals Act 1974 and introduces new sections to give the tribunal’s chairman “authority for all the administrative, disciplinary and financial matters of the Balochistan Service Tribunal”. It also repeals the Balochistan Service Tribunals (Amendment) Ordinance 2013 (Balochistan Ordinance No. III 2013).

The sitting, chaired by the Deputy Speaker, was attended by 23 lawmakers. The Chief Minister and the Provincial Minister for Finance were also present during the sitting that lasted 12 minutes.

Following are some key observations of the proceedings:

Members’ participation in House proceedings

  • The Balochistan Assembly met for 12 minutes.
  • The sitting started at 1044 hours against the scheduled starting time of 1030 hours, witnessing a delay of 14 minutes.
  • The Deputy Speaker chaired the sitting. The Speaker was not present.
  • The Chief Minister and the Minister for Finance attended the entire proceedings.
  • The Leader of the Opposition did not attend the sitting.
  • Twenty three members attended the sitting.
  • Three minority members were present.
  • None of the member applied for leave.


  • The House passed The Balochistan Services Tribunal Bill 2013.

Order and Institutionalization

  • No point of order was raised during the sitting.
  • No protest, walkout, or boycott observed during the sitting.


  • The List of Business (agenda) was available to the legislators, observers and others.
  • Information on members’ attendance was unavailable to observers and the public.

The Daily Factsheet is based on direct observation of Balochistan Assembly proceedings conducted by Center for Peace and Development (CPD), a Member organization of FAFEN.