Hazara Abbaseen Network Conducts Youth Dialogue on Promotion of Political and Social Dialogue to Reduce Political Bias

Mansehra, July 5, 2024: FAFEN’s Hazara Abbaseen Network conducted youth dialogues in May 2024 in Mansehra and Battagram. The dialogue aimed at promoting political and social dialogue to overcome political bias in the regions. It also aimed to get the practical issues faced by the youth, affiliated with different political parties, and amplify their voices at broader and grassroots levels.

The dialogue engaged as many as 170 youth members including 126 young men and 44 young women, who participated in the discussion on political polarization, disliking and liking politicians, and the role of youth in shaping the national political discourse. The youth actively participated in the discussion and shared that youth can play their role as citizens by keeping an eye on the development and governance process of the country. Involving youth in budget and policy discussions is essential to foster dialogue and address youth-related issues. Youth are also active as political activists and can play an important role in promoting diversity in cultural and social activities apart from politics.

As a result of the discussions, the participants agreed on a charter of demand to be shared with the political parties that can support youth participation in the political system. The political and social dialogue in the region has laid a robust foundation for addressing the pressing issues faced by youth in Pakistan. By articulating their demands and engaging with stakeholders, young participants have demonstrated a proactive approach towards shaping their futures. These dialogues not only highlighted critical needs like educational access and employment opportunities but also underscored the importance of youth participation in local governance. Moving forward, sustained efforts and collaboration between Hazara Abbaseen Network and FAFEN will be essential in translating these discussions into concrete actions that enhance youth empowerment and foster sustainable development initiatives.